Mr. Zubyr Soomro
Mr. Syed Akeel Bilgrami
Mr. Shahid Abdulla
Ms. Raeda Latif
Mr. Jahanzeb Awan
Dr. Sadrudin Pardhan
Ms. Amina Nasim Jan
Mr. Umer Adil
Ms. Naila Mahmood
Mr. Saifullah Sami
Mr. Khalid Hyder Shah
(Secretary, College Education)
Mr. Shahab Ghani
(EC Chair)
Mr. Adnan Asdar Ali
Mr. Sarwar Iqbal
(FPC Chair)
Justice Yousuf Ali Sayeed
(Nominee of Chief Justice, Sindh High Court)
Dr. Faiza Mushtaq
(BoG Secretary)
Prof. Naazish Ataullah
(HEC Representative)
Ms. Farhana Mowjee
Mr. Munis Abdulla
Dr. Faiza Mushtaq
(Dean and Executive Director)
Mr. Saifullah Sami
Ms. Khadija Hashimi
Mr. Babar Rashid Khan
Ms. Seema Jaffer
Ms. Priya Pinjani
(Faculty Representative)
Mr. Najeeb Omar
Mr. Umair Saeed
(Registrar and EC Secretary)
Mr. Sarwar Iqbal
Mr. Najeeb Omar
Mr. Munis Abdulla
Ms. Shumaila Halo
Dr. Faiza Mushtaq
(Dean and Executive Director)
Mr. Umair Saeed
(Registrar and Secretary)
Dr. Faiza Mushtaq
(Dean and Executive Director, Chair)
Mr. Syed Akeel Bilgrami
(External Member, Architect)
Dr. Farida Batool
(External Member, Artist)
Dr. Nosheen Ali
(External Member, Educationist)
Mr. Faraz Maqsood Hamidi
(External Member, Designer)
Ms. Sadia Salim
(Director Graduate Studies)
Ms. Alfiya Halai
(Head, Communication Design)
Ms. Seher Naveed
(Head, Fine Art)
Mr. Mohammad Usman Ansari
(Head, Interior Design)
(Head, Liberal Arts)
Ms. Nurayah Sheikh Nabi
(Head, Foundation Programme)
Ms. Seveen Muneer Bawany
(Head, Textile Design)
Ms. Priya Pinjani
(Interim Head, Architecture)
Mr. Umair Saeed

Message from the Dean & Executive Director

Dr. Faiza Mushtaq
Dean and Executive Director

Welcome to the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. This is an exciting time to be at IVS as we celebrate the thirty-year milestone in our history, and look ahead at taking the institution to new levels of creative and academic excellence. The School has established itself as a premiere institution of higher learning in Pakistan, and has trained an entire generation of artists, designers, architects, scholars and creative practitioners whose influence is felt widely across society. We are continuing to expand and upgrade our programmes and facilities, and aim to reach even higher standards of excellence over the next thirty years.

The IVS philosophy has always emphasized a holistic approach towards learning, one that recognizes our responsibility towards the community that we are part of and engagement with local, regional, and global developments. The research and creative practice of our students and faculty is grounded in the urban context of Karachi while also being informed by ideas, resources and collaborations reaching across our inter-connected, globalized world. Within the IVS community, we are firmly committed to upholding the values of academic and artistic freedom, compassion, dignity and inclusivity.