Studio Artrageous

Every summer, IVS-CEP hosts hundreds of children who dabble in all sorts of creative activities such as drawing, painting, caricaturing, singing, dancing, photographing, clay making, etc. These summer camps are buzzing with creative energy and the joy of learning. In 10 days, children and young adults do so many interesting and productive things that they don’t want the process to end. Parents have been asking us to continue art classes for kids throughout the year in addition to summer camps. Artrageous Studio Courses are developed as a response to this immense demand FROM parents, children, and the school community alike.

Artrageous Studio course registration will begin in October 2023 for children in the 8–16 age group. Classes will be held once a week, considering school, tuition, and exam schedules. Using the studio-based teaching methodology, each participant will be facilitated in furthering his or her own creative expression and potential. This means that FROM whatever level they start, the course will enable them to reach the next level of skills and application. Participants will be asked to keep a portfolio for journaling their progress, while assessment for learning will be carried out through the portfolio.

The maximum enrolment for each course will be 20 children for the quality of teaching and learning. However, we may have multiple sessions for a course, depending on the number of applications received. The minimum enrollment is 10 students per course.

Following are the details related to courses, class timings, fees, and instructors.

·        Duration: 12 weeks (24 contact hours)

·        Session Length and Frequency: 1 class per week; 2 hours of sessions

·        Fee: PKR 15, 000/-

·        Age group: 8–16 years old


Time Slot

Course title



5:30 – 7:30

Portraiture and Figure Drawing

Drawing and Painting

Photography & light painting

Confidence building through communication

Creative Writing

Course Code







11:00am to 1:00pm

Creative expression through movement and acting

Photography and light painting

Drawing and Painting

Life skills through art (for teens)

Embroidery and Weaving

Course Code






2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Creative writing

Drawing and painting

Artful Alchemy

Pottery and clay work

Confidence building through communication

Course Code







Course Brief: Studio Artrageous

How to register for Artrageous Studio?

The whole registration and fee payment process is online.  Below step-wise directions are given.

1.      Go to our registration portal ( Short Courses/Workshop Section and fill out the application form.

2.      When you will click on the drop-down button for course selection, type the course code mentioned next to the course title (in the given table). For e.g., if you want to select drawing and painting class on Friday, the code will be SAF-01-DP.

3.      You can select ONLY one course FROM each time slot.

4.      A separate form will have to be filled out for each course. I Akzo, double check the course schedule to ensure your class timings/days are not clashing.

5.      Please upload a clear front profile photograph with the form as it will be used for ID cards of children.

About the Materials

Just like in books, children and young adults should have their own art materials, especially if they are into art and crafts. The very experience of visiting an art shop—exploring, searching, and selecting art materials—opens new vistas of imagination and a world of possibilities. As children are excited by the sensory and tactile experience, they are also assured of their safety when parents engage in this process.

Therefore, we would urge all the parents to make a visit to an art shop of their choice with the children to get the prescribed material. However, in cases where it is not possible, the CEP team can be requested to provide the material required for the entire duration (12 weeks) at PKR 2000 per package.

Please. Note that the material requirement for each course will be different; the instructors will share the material list upon final course selection and registration.

Let the fun begin!