IVS is committed to the protection of its community members against harassment and discrimination, and to ensuring a safe campus environment where students, faculty and staff are free to learn and work. A comprehensive policy towards this end has been developed and officially approved and is being implemented from Fall 2021 in letter and spirit.

There are two committees set up under this policy as follows:

1.      Campus Conduct Committee

Contact information: [email protected]


Alfiya Halai (Faculty)

Usman Ansari (Faculty)

Seema Nusrat (Faculty)

Umair Saeed (Administration)

(Student Council Representative)


2.      Sexual Harassment Committee

Contact information: [email protected]


Danish Ahmed (Faculty)

Amima Sayeed (Administration)

Sadia Salim (Faculty)


Our goal is to create a culture of trust and confidence where any IVS community member should feel comfortable voicing any concerns or misgivings arising from their interactions with others. Please familiarize yourself with the rights and procedures outlined in the policy document. You can report an incident or behaviour that you have observed or experienced to any member of the faculty or administration whom you trust and ask for advice on what course of action you can follow.

In case you decide to file a formal complaint, keep the following guidelines in mind:

If your complaint is about a case of discrimination, bullying or harassment by a student, staff or faculty member, you should approach the Campus Conduct Committee at [email protected]

If your complaint is about a case of sexual harassment by a faculty or staff member, you should approach the Sexual Harassment Inquiry Committee at [email protected]

Cases of sexual harassment where the perpetrator is a student will be dealt with by the Campus Conduct Committee.

A complaint has to be filed by the affected individual or group of individuals and not by a third party. Anonymous or verbal complaints cannot be investigated by the committees under this policy. Complaints have to be in writing and need to include your full name.

Once your complaint is accepted by the appropriate committee and the investigation procedures are started, you will be asked to share as much detailed evidence as you can provide. The committee is also empowered to summon witnesses and other written as well as audio-visual material that has a bearing on the case.

The person(s) against whom the complaint has been filed will be informed about the charges against them. All evidence considered by the committees will also be shared with both parties, i.e. the complainant and the defendant.

The Campus Conduct Committee has been formulated under the School’s rules and regulations, while the Sexual Harassment Inquiry Committee operates under the legal framework of the Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010. As such, the timeframe, procedures, and outcomes of the two committees are different from each other.

There is a range of penalties from mild to severe that can result from the findings of the Committees, appropriate to the nature and degree of the offence. The Committees will share their recommendations with the Executive Director for approval and implementation.

Our Academic Policies uphold a commitment to fostering a conducive learning environment. Emphasizing academic integrity, our policies outline expectations for student conduct, grading criteria, and essential guidelines. We encourage all students to familiarize themselves with these principles to ensure a successful academic journey.

The Financial Assistance and Scholarship manual provides integral information on financial support, ensuring your path to success is financially accessible and rewarding. 


Our IT Usage Policy promotes responsible and secure technology utilization.