IVS Graduate Designs Main Stage for Aurat March 2022

Aurat March got bigger and better this year, and we’re so happy to share that the main stage was designed by IVS Communication Design graduate Hafsa Ashfaque.

 “This illustration was originally created for my thesis project Breakaway, showing a utopian world that I named Femabad. The project was modified and altered for Aurat March’s Feminist Futures: Jesi Dunya Chaho Tum! Campaign.

The core idea behind this illustration was to create a world on paper that resembles the kind of reality we constantly seek and dream of; a world that is kind, free, inclusive, loving, communal, fluid, organic and most of all—equal.

In terms of appearance, Femabad doesn’t reflect existing reality and structures around us. Unlike many utopian illustrations that show an upgraded version of the world we live in, Femabad is a part of an alternate reality altogether. It is a place that is accessible, relatable and easier for everyone to live and envision their future in.

Femabad is familiar. Femabad is relatable. Femabad is a shared dream. Femabad is home; not necessarily because an individual relates to it physically, but because they connect to its ethos and the values it holds.”

Hafsa wasn't the only IVS graduate to make a mark this Aurat March, Samya Arif, also an IVS Communication Design graduate designed a poster that was used in this year’s Aurat March’s marketing campaign.