Student Week

Student Week made a comeback this year! Students and faculty from the Foundation Programme participated in various activities including painting a mural at the IVS Sculpture Park, putting up stand-up comedy acts and music performances, participating in sports activities, setting up food and crafts stalls, and getting out of the city for a trip to Makli!

The purpose of Student Week is to encourage Foundation Programme students to engage with the rest of the school through exciting activities and make new friends. It's the perfect start to this new chapter of their lives. 

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Orientation 2022

Welcome Class of 2025!

Session with School Counsellors

Presentation by School Counsellors for New Students



Khat-e-Kufi Display

By Technical Drawing Studio

CD Graduate Designs Main Stage for Aurat March 2022

Hafsa Ashfaque's Femabad Takes Center Stage

CD Student Zubia Qasim’s Poster Becomes Part of “Close Guantanamo” Campaign

Zubia Won 3rd Price in Intl' Contest

Virtual Guest Lecture: Thomas Daniell

International Lecture Series by Dept. of Architecture

Ghettoisation of Karachi

By Mehmooda Maqsood

Foundation Programme General Meeting (FPGM 2022)

Students and Faculty Meet to Review Spring 2022

ADRL Signs Memorandum with Karachi Neighbourhood Improvement Program

by Mehmooda Maqsood