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IVS Gallery is a non-profit space for both established and emerging artists. It is located in the right wing of the Nusserwanjee Building and is made up of two atriums that serve as a multi-purpose space to host a variety of exhibitions, book launches, and events related to art. The gallery strives to achieve its educational purpose through inviting well-known artists and famous personalities from all walks of life to its regular art talks where students gather to converse/debate over ideas integral to art and art education.

IVS Gallery is positioned within the institute in order to provide easy access to students and art enthusiasts alike. It has showcased works from its faculty, alumni, and graduates to promote young and talented artists. It also serves as a reference for students to view art on a regular basis and discover the possibilities of both traditional and contemporary practices. Being a not for profit organization itself, the gallery does everything to assist and help not only artists but also other non-profit organizations by providing them its space for special academic projects. The gallery also hosts lecture series, movie sessions and medium demonstrations for outsiders to learn and understand art better.

The chair-person of the IVS Gallery is a celebrated sculptor Adeela Suleman (also the head of Fine Art Department) who has exhibited at prestigious museums both locally and internationally. The IVS gallery manager Anbrin Naz Qureshi and the curator Ammad Tahir work under the supervision of its chairperson and have successfully carried out several outstanding exhibitions and art events in the past few months.


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The IVS was granted an independent charter by the Government of Sindh in June 1994, thereby empowering
it to award its own degrees. It was the fourth private institution of higher learning in Pakistan to be given degree awarding status.
Admission to the School is strictly based on merit as determined by an aptitude test, an interview process and a weightage criteria.

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